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Oh 2018 is that You? New Beginnings. New Travels. More Life

Its become a bit of a tradition to have this recap of my year including that lessons I've learned as well as goal out my New Years manifestations. I've realized this year there is a little thing called FOCUS and it goes a long way when actualizing goals. Its inevitable, you have to have focus to obtain a goal and you can't be focused on too much to stay focused. Another theme I realized in 2017 is knowing when to say when, and doing it long before you're emotionally spent. Here are my 17 lessons I've taken from 2017 and a my manifestation for 2018

1. If you are in a situation that is causing you more harm emotionally then making you happy.... exit the situation immediately. Your emotional wellbeing and happiness is the most important thing to your life.

2. Set goals often... rework your goals often, check in with yourself often, and remain fluid in your goals.

3. Treat people with love and respect at all times. We all need love.

4. Strengthen your relationship with GOD, get so close to him you are homies.

5. Walk by faith, and never fear.

6. If your grandparents and parents are here on earth, cherish them and talk to them often.

7. Friends become family. We can choose our friends and they can be our best support system.

8. Let go of toxic friends.

9. Travel, and see other people's culture, make yourself tolerant and worldly.

10. Practice self care: read a book, journal, sleep, shower, cry, watch a movie, take a walk, workout, or scream. Whatever you do practice self care.

11. Take some alone time for yourself.

12. Remember social media is NOT real life, don't let your amount of likes and comments dictate your self worth.

13. If you can't go to anyone else with your problems, goals, fears, or dreams go to your best friend God.

14. Cast all of your thoughts on to God and allow him to work it out for you, he will give you a sign you can understand and you will get your answer.

15. Trust your GUT, not your head or your heart. Your gut feeling is always right.

16. Drink Water, and a lot of it.... It does a skin, hair and kidneys good.

17. Look at the positive in EVERY situation. It was either a blessing or a lesson.


NOW FOR THE SLAYnali!!!!!!!!!!

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