• Victoria Aje

Its Beginning to Look a lot Like CHRISTMAS

Christmas is literally my favorite time of year... other than the middle of summer. LOL! But this time of year is always so nostalgic for me. I think about all of the fun times I spent with family, our traditions and memories. I love to start new traditions and this year since I'll be away from family I decided to start a new tradition on Christmas Eve where I go to a fancy restaurant with friends the night before Christmas. I look forward to these little things. Its important to remember as much as the holidays are a fun time for some its a tough time reflecting on family members that may not be with us and loneliness. So remember this holiday season to spread love and kindness, call someone you haven't spoken it to in a while, give a smile, say hello, donate, give to the less fortunate, and be a light for someone this holiday season. Shoutout to Darryl and Jude for an AMAZING holiday party... vlog coming soon.....

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