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**Toni Tony Tone Voice** It’s my Anniversary… My LAversary!

They (mythical people) say if you stay in LA for seven years you’ll stay forever….. Well……… this is officially year seven. So is this seven years like six years and 364 days or seven years and 364.9 days?

LA has been such a life changing experience for me, like real talk. Moving away from my safety net in Michigan has made me a real adult (like pinocchio) and taught me survival. I remember when my parents and I loaded my tiny red VW beetle with all the stuff it could fit with three people in it and took the northern route to Los Angeles from Michigan. It was a LONG three days and after arguments in Veil Colorado, nervous mountain driving in Arizona, and buffets in Vegas I saw those city lights peek thru the I-10 in the Inland Empire mountains and I knew I was home.

Its so funny because if you talk to people who move from their hometowns to big cities in search of a dream all have similar yet such different stories about our journey. However the one thing we all have in common is we took that risk and rather it paid off or not we learned a TON and have stories that will last us a lifetime.

Through all of the 5 hour plane trips home on Spirit, to the drives to vegas and palm springs, to the hours in traffic, to meeting your favorite celebs at dinner, to the everchanging friend circles depending on your job, to finding a church, to new roomies, to day parties, to legalized weed, to feeling like the world is at your fingertips and every resource you ever need within a 20 mile radius. LA is a unique place and I’m so thankful to have it been a stop on my journey.

Some of us stay and live this crazy, dream-chasing life forever and some of us journey on to a different phase, either way I’m thankful for the memories and excited for the future.

Cheers to #7inLA #49indogyears #feelslike2years #buttinrafficfeelslike49years

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