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Year 29. Chapter 29. Book 29. Edition 29. Verse 29. Song 29. Poem 29. Dream 29.

I’m so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to see 29, I don’t take for granted the blessing of seeing another year. The strength I’ve received from the lessons I’ve learned in my 29 years on earth. So........... I’ve compiled a list of my top 29 (hehe) jewels of life I’ve learned, because I LOVE lists.

  1. You are blessed, appreciate everything you have and be thankful.

  2. Keep fighting for your dreams, even if they change form or change all together, continue to strive for what makes you happy.

  3. Eat well and workout, your mental and physical well being depends on it.

  4. Every person, has been brought into your life for a reason in that particular season and is getting you ready for the person God had intended for you.

  5. Travel often, see the world and experience culture.

  6. The block button is your friend. Use it for people in your life that bring you pain. Block them in all aspects of life and social media, they shouldn’t be privy to your fabulous existence.

  7. Define spirituality for yourself, discover your personal relationship with God.

  8. Social Media isn’t real life. Most people are lying and only documenting the great times, don’t get caught up in the hype and start to doubt your own journey.

  9. Actually contact your real friends, don’t use social media to feel like you are in each others lives, actually pick up the phone and check in.

  10. Read books. Doesn't really matter what genre just read.

  11. Make a conscious effort to learn about finances, you don’t have to be the richest or most savvy there are people you can hire to help you, but get a working knowledge of your money.

  12. Don’t let bills go into collections, your credit score is important.

  13. Be stingy with your love, most of the people you date don’t deserve that gift anyway.

  14. Surround yourself with positive people with good energy, that shit rubs off.

  15. Limit alcohol and recreational drug usage, it isn’t good for you.

  16. Health is wealth, don’t take it for granted.

  17. Looks ain’t everything.

  18. Find a church home or spiritual community.

  19. Find an activity you enjoy to relieve stress.

  20. Continue to strive to find your purpose and wholeness in this life while doing things that make you happy.

  21. Slay! When at all possible slay!

  22. Cherish your family and friends.

  23. GOOD friends are hard to find, the type that don’t talk behind your back and actually have your back, find a few and hang on to them.

  24. No romantic relationship is perfect.

  25. Every once in awhile have a good cry.

  26. Have secret slang words and special language with your friends, it’s fun.

  27. Love the body you have right now, bodies will change with time, depending what health kick you are on the moment. Love it at every step of the way it will save you a lot of stress and self hate.

  28. Do one thing (event, activity, conference, class etc) that you go to alone once a month to meet new people and learn a new skill.

  29. Do what makes you HAPPY!

Be blessed! Thank you to all of my family and friends for all of the birthday wishes and caviar dreams!

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