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Joshua Tree National Park

Some people go to the ocean for relaxation…. I go to the desert. There is something about 100 degree dry heat touching my skin and the warmth of the sun cascading over my face that renews my soul and gives me a spiritual experience. Some friends and I visited the Mojave together to take a breather from the city life and give ourselves some renewal.

This trip can be summed up in pretty much one word: MAGICAL.

We embarked on our journey a little later that we had hoped for and after a few more hours than we had liked to be on the I-10 …. and after we’d exhausted our 90s R&B, dirty south, No Limit, Migos Cash Money, Murder Inc. and Beetles playlist we hit the army of wind turbines and saw “the mountains”

Turning on to 29 Palms Hwy and seeing the vast open land, winding road and ferocious mountains, it really puts your mortality into perspective. You feel how small you actually are on this earth, yet how significant you feel to yourself. After, a horror of a AirBnB experience we checked into our hotel relaxed for the evening and headed to JTree National park the next morning.

The drive to Jtree was fun more music and laughs, we hit the ranger station before you entered the park and we were IN! 90 degree weather, not a cloud in the sky, clothes, cameras, and props in hand we were all eyes as we drove through the park's’ main road Park Blvd. The rock formations were absolutely gorgeous. The Joshua trees, rocks, cacti and scenery were unreal. It was like we stepped on a si-fi movie, set on Venus.

We each had a mission to visually capture what we wanted to convey to the world about our experience in JTree. I hope you enjoy I call mine: Self Discovery On the Road Less Travelled.

!!!!!!!!!!! Honorable Mention: When you visit Joshua Tree National Park PLEASE visit the Integratron. It’s about 20 mins north of J Tree and the is experience is amazing, and pretty indescribable. The best way I can describe it is a sound bath (no water involved) that fully relaxes your scenes yet invigorates your soul through the energy of sound. It's a MUST! Bucket List Status!

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