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I've thought a great deal about purpose and the mission of our lives as human beings. I believe most women experience, as they rapidly approach 30 (dun dun dunnnnn) a reflection on if we want children, career, husband, travel, all the above or none of the above. We’re definitely led to believe we’re to aspire to marriage, kids and that whole pressure cooker timeline starts when we begin to get 2 or more wedding invites each summer. However, I’ve decided to take a breather, stop worrying so much and trust God with my future.

I believe the desires of your heart, if it is God’s will for your life, will come to pass. AND if they do come true or if they don’t you must be content with knowing that things for you are for YOU and things not for you aren’t. So that brings me to my point……

Take the road less traveled the road that doesn’t seem easy or comfortable. Because that's the road that will get you to your greatest destiny and greatest reward. How might you take the road less traveled you may ask, I’m so glad you’ve asked! Make that job change, take that class, make the move across state, move on from a bad relationship, start that blog, change your career, take that trip, start that IRA, write that script. You get the picture, TAKE THE RISK!

I’ll get off of my soapbox but, I’m deciding to TRUST GOD and take the risk of the road less traveled to see where it leads. Call it my year of yes… I like to call it my limitless year.

Dress: Fashion Nova

Shoes: Lolas Shoetique

Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Joshua Tree National Park [Twewntynine Palms, CA]

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